Harimohan Ghose

Harimohan Ghosh College, General Rules & Regulations

Students are instructed to follow these rules and regulations strictly. Any violation of these rules on the grounds of ignorance would not be tolerated but will be dealt with strictly.

1. Any student found to be engaged in any activity detrimental to the student community or to the society to the country will be expelled from the college.

2. Any student found guilty of ragging a fellow student either physically or mentally will be expelled and going by the Supreme Court a F.I.R. will be lodged against his/her/their names and a police case will be initiated.

3. Any misbehaviour with any member of the staff by any student will merit immediate expulsion.

4. Loitering in the corridors of the college is strictly prohibited.

5. Smoking and Chewing of pan masala in the college premises is strictly prohibited. Any student found doing so will face strict disciplinary action.

6. It is expected that the students will wear decent and sobber dress in the college. Any student found violating the socially accepted mores of decency will face disciplinary action.

7. All students are expected to believe in a civil and disciplined manner when they are within the college premises. Any student found guilty of any disorderly conduct determined to the peaceful atmosphere of the college will face strict disciplinary action.

8. All students must always carry their college identity Cards whenever they come to the college. Each member of the staff has the right to check the Identity Card of the student whenever he/she thinks it to be necessary.

9. Use of cell phones is restricted within the college during the class hours. Camera Phones are totally prohibited within the college. A student who need to carry a cell phone within the college should first seek the permission of the Principal citing genuine reasons. If allowed, the phone should be switched off or put on silent mode when the student is attending the classes.
10. The college is a multi cultural co-educational institution. Any students found disrupting the harmonious atmosphere of the college will be expelled immediately.

11. No student is allowed to remain within the college premises after the college hours. If a student is detained for any work connected with the college including his/her union activity he/she must have the requisite permission.

12. No student is allowed to stay back in the classrooms and laboratories if there is no class.

13. Students are asked to regularly follow the college notice board. All communications of the college including all informations connected with them are published on the college notice board. Any student found defacing any of the notice board will be punished severely.

14. No student will be allowed to enter the staff room or the office room or the Teacher-in-Charge's chamber without seeking permission.

15. Participation of the students in the extra-curricular activities of the college is compulsory.

16. Any outsider entering the college will have to sign the Visitors' Register at the College gate Manned by the security personnel.

17. Incase of any Emergency like fire all students are instructed to remain calm, not Panic, and follow the Instructions of NSS Prog. Officer and the teachers for Evacution.

18. Student have to join the National Service Scheme(NSS) unit of the college.