Grievance Redressal Cell

In order to ensure the protection of human rights to all which is an essential condition for the overall development of an individual’s personality, it is necessary that each individual air their grievances in a free and democratic atmosphere rather than bottling them up and fuming inside.
In order to meet this purpose, the Grievance Redressal Committee was constituted at Harimohan Ghose College consisting of :
1) Professor Shehnaz Salahuddin, Convenor
2) Professor Pratima Banerjee Joint Convener
3) Professor Debjani Basak Member

The Grievance Redressal Committee is intended to look into various problems and issues like
1) sexual harassment
2) any kind of physical or mental abuse
3) complaints relating to classrooms, library, toilets, health and hygiene, teaching methods, completion of the syllabus etc.
The meetings of the Grievance Redressal are held on a regular basis to discuss on the complaints and also take measures to redress the various grievances

1. To develop an organizational framework to resolve grievances of students
2. To provide the students with a hassle free mechanism where they can get their grievances redressed
3. To inform the students and make them aware about their duties and responsibilities so that they can access the benefits of different policies and schemes
4. To develop a strong system of interaction with the students in order to get a detailed overview of their expectations
5. To mark out the flaws in the design and administration of various general insurance products and to seek solutions there on
6. To institute a monitoring mechanism to look into the overall functioning of the grievance redressal policy

1) It is the principal of the college who finally has the responsibility for grievance redressal .
2)The grievance redressal cell ensures that every grievance is expected to be resolved to be within a period of 20 days .
3) The committee ensures that grievance redressal is time bound and result oriented
4) The grievance redressal cell of the college also from time to time furnish a report on the progress and status of the grievance redressal to the principal

1 to ensure a hassle free and democratic environment in college campus
2. to make the institution more student friendly
3. To ensure active interaction between the students and teachers
4. To ensure overall qualitative and quantitative development of the institution.

Thus, the GRIEVANCE REDRESSAL COMMITTEE is functioning in a very active, democratic and transparent manner looking into the complaints and addressing the grievances in a free and fair manner.

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