a) Harimohan Ghose College is the first college in Fatehpur-Metiabruz, a Kolkata-Port hinterland where transportation to the main city was difficult due to the iconic Khidderpore Bridge. The college was founded in 1963 to facilitate the education of people in this Garden Reach, an admixture of long-time residents as well as labour-migrants who come to work in this locality. Most of our students are first generation learners, from low socio-economic strata, for whom the college stood as a beacon of hope to transcend their status and aspire for a better life.

b) Since most of the students are from trying backgrounds, fees concession and scholarship has worked in favour of allowing the students to continue with higher education.

c) The college boasts of an inclusive environment which does not only accommodate the Muslim minorities but also Hindu residents, and the students proudly participate in each other’s religious and cultural activities which create a beautiful harmony of colours and emotions.

d) The college is proud to have an increasing number of girl students every year; the number of female students is more than the number of male students(Total Male students-733, Total Female Students-873 in the current academic year of 2023-24). It plays a crucial role in women’s education and empowerment thus pointing to a safe environment.

e) This also portrays an excellent interpersonal relationship between students and teachers and the non-teaching staff. It has an active Anti-Ragging Committee and a Minority Committee as well as a Grievance Cell.

f) The NSS plays a crucial role in community outreach programmes thus implying that the role of the college is not limited only within the campus but beyond it.

g) The college has an Alumni Association, however, most of the students are the only breadwinners and often move to other cities for work, maintaining an Alumni Association remains a daunting task.


a) Harimohan Ghose College stands tall in making all the streams available for the students- B. A, B. Sc and B. Com which is not common in many colleges under the University of Calcutta.

b) The college has well equipped science laboratories and an upgraded IT lab. The ICT room also needs mention for its uber functionality and convenience.


a) Harimohan Ghose College is situated at the very fringes of the heritage area of Sibtainabad Imambara and Bichali Ghat which is inextricably related to the history of emperor Wajid Ali Shah’s exile.

b) Harimohan Ghose College bridges the gap between the age-old narrative of Metiabruz as dark and dingy to a new age Metiabruz which is diverse, culturally rich and brimming with possibilities.


a) Since many of the students are first generation learners, dropouts are common. In spite of counselling done by the teachers’dropouts are chronic.

b) The college needs a well-organised library, but automation is as yet not available. Although resources are available, the essential habit of borrowing and reading books is often absent among students.

c) The Alumni of the college was more inter-personal relations of ex-students with faculty-members, in an unstructured manner. However, due to growing interest of ex-students to keep this connection strong and viable, the college has organised an Alumni Association and opted for Legal Registration. Departments of the college has been active in keeping the connection with Alumni through occasional events.


a) Since a number of students work on their own home-grown business in handicrafts, tailoring, food processing, baking and graphics, the college has much opportunity in offering add-0n courses and certificate courses on Entrepreneurship. Such courses include learning to make sweat meats, handicrafts. Since many of the students are from the ‘Ostagar’ family, a course on tailoring could open many possibilities.


a) In 2020, the college was ravaged by the cyclone Amphan where besides damage to the college property, much of the crucial documents went under water. One of the biggest challenges is to recover those documents and data.

b) Employment remains one of the biggest challenges till date. The Placement Cell has already brought in many companies of which Analytica Food Tech Services Pvt. Ltd and mPokket Financial Services Private Ltd have offered jobs to our students on-campus

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