Cultural Activities

All cultural events are organised and planned by the Social and Cultural Affairs Committee in college to promote and celebrate cultural diversity within the college. The committee organizes cultural competitions, such as singing competitions, dance contests, drawing competitions, and literary events like poetry recitations or creative writing contents, and debates on various social and cultural issues.

Dr. Goutam Naskar (Convenor)
Dr. Anasuya Halder (Joint Convenor)
Dr. Mahmood Reyaz
Dr. Subhadipa Das
Prof. Dola Mondal

Recent activites from Social and Cultural Affairs Committee :


  • On 15.03.2024, the Cultural Committee of Harimohan Ghose College, in association with IQAC of Harimohan Ghose College, organized the 'BASANTA UTSAV' Festival of Colour in the smart classroom from 1:30 pm. Teachers and students of the college participated in a cultural program on that occasion. Song, dance, and recitation were presented by the teachers and students of the College.
    Basanta Utsav 1
    Basanta Utsav 2
    Report on celebration of Basanta Utsav in Harimohan Ghose College

  • Celebration of Women's Day in collaboration with Kidderpore College

  • WDC of Harimohan Ghose College & WDC of Kidderpore College jointly organized a Women's Day Celebration Programme ( 'আপন ভাগ্য জয় করিবার' ) on 12.03.2024 in Smart Class Room in association with IQAC of both the colleges. Five speakers from different areas delivered lectures on women entrepreneurs. Among the five entrepreneurs, three were students of this college. One was an ex-student, who is now a makeup artist and another one was a 6th Semester student, who is now working with a famous local sweet shop. The third one was a 4th Semester student who was working on bakery items. These students and one of the speakers ( Founder of momoচিত্তে ) gave stalls in the college premises. Respected Principals, WDC members of both colleges & the Teaching and non-teaching staff, and students of Harimohan Ghose College joined the program.

    WDC 1

    WDC 2
    WDC 3
    Report on celebration of Women's Day in collaboration with Kidderpore College


  • On 21.02.2024, the Department of Bengali organised a programme on VASHA DIBAS. Both teachers and students participated in the program. Students decorated the stage very beautifully with colours (Alpana). Song, dance, and recitation on MATRI VASHA were presented by the teachers and students on the occasion.
    Vasha Dibas
    Report of celebration of Vasha Dibas

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