Harimohan Ghose

Harimohan Ghosh College, College History

One important aspect of philanthropy is to spread the boon of education to those who are economically backward so as to provide them the light of opportunity to rise in life and give to their loved ones a better life and not as models to those members of their community unfortunately denied the opportunities of education and the auxilliaries it brings.

The Ghose family, an aristocratic family of Fatehpur, Garden Reach took this responsibility of eclipsing the umbra of ignorance and one of the scions of the family donated the land amounting to acres on Paharpur Road now numbered as premises nos. J-206 & J-208A, Paharpur Road, Kolkata-700 024 to set up this College in the name of their Late Grand father Harimohan Ghose. The foundation stone of this noble enterprise was laid in 1963 by the then Minister of Higher Education, Govt of West Bengal, Late Tushar Kanti Ghose. The building of the College was built by donations and munificence of the families of the locality, who were happy to have a college within their neighbourhood. Calcutta University too lived up to its Motto "Advancement of Knowledge" by granting the necessary affiliation to the College so that students could be admitted and classes started. The initial affiliation was for B.A. Pass courses and Honours in Bengali and Accountancy. The College developed in course of time to become a full fledged institution which, in course of time, has become a multi-faculty college where B.A., B.Sc. & B. Com streams are taught with Honours courses in English, Bengali, Urdu, History and Political Science in Humanities stream and Accountancy & Marketing in Commerce stream and Physiology, Mathematics and Economics in the Science Stream.

It is a matter of great pride that many who call our college their Alma Mater are now well established in their careers of their choice and are proud that they had once entered the portals of knowledge through this college and have reached their ambition.

The catchment area of this college is quite large with at least a dozen schools having Higher Secondary affiliation within the Borough XV in which the college is situated. So the college has never failed to attract students who are to complete their graduation in their chosen streams. Due to some sterling performances of students in certain particular subjects like Physiology, History, English, Urdu & Commerce a lot of students from areas like Behala, Khidderpore etc. have started to seek admission in the college giving the college a cosmopolitan ethos.

One of the abiding features of the college is that a sizeable portion of the students studying in the college are first generation learners and many of the students are female coming from Urdu speaking families. However, the college, true to the spirit of ‘Unity in Diversity’, is a melting pot where everyone forget their caste, creed, and kind and become one big family that is the family of Harimohan Ghose College.

The College has well equipped laboratories with state-of-art equipments, a well-equipped computer centre, a well-stocked library where books are purchased regularly, a 16 Station Gym and various sports equipment, which are used by the students under the supervision of the Student's Union.

The teachers of the college are not only competent but many of them are scholars of repute with numerous publications and research works. Some of them have publications with eminent publishing houses. But when it comes to teaching, the teachers devote themselves entirely to make their students not only acquire a high degree of knowledge in their particular subjects but also acquire ethical and practical skills that would make them contribute positively to the society.

However, the college does have its problems which it hopes would soon be eradicated by the active positive involvement of the Government of West Bengal. The college is always on the look-out for any philanthropic efforts, be it private or of the state to overcome all those which appear now as obstacles. The unity of the teachers, non-teaching staff, the students, the local well-wishers and the alumni of the college together with the transparency and honesty with which the college is presently functioning with all factions having the privilege to voice their opinion the college will definitely progress further.