Harimohan Ghose College, from the context of its location, right from the very onset speaks for tolerance and harmony, irrespective of caste, creed, race, region, languages, religion & socio-economic diversities. The institution is a true hub of ‘Unity in Diversity’. The curricula & subject combination invite students of varied communities, religion and language. The subjects offered in the institution only entail that our college stands out as an epitome of harmony & tolerance both from the part of the students & the staff.


The initiative of introducing Urdu almost around two decades back sustains the viability of intermingling of Urdu-speaking students and Bengali- Speaking students.

The NSS unit of the college has repeatedly organized programmes under their banner for making all communities aware of certain social & health issues. Students from Urdu, Bengali & Hindi – Speaking communities voluntarily involved themselves in Cleanliness Drive Programme (held on 3rd September, 2022 & 7th January, 2023) and Dengue Awareness Rally (held on 22nd March, 2023). This is a huge success on the part of the institution in its drive for religious tolerance & all- community awareness towards making the locality clean and healthy.

Women trafficking is a huge social problem, which was also addressed by the NSS Unit of the College. Both female & male students from all streams participated in making the entire college aware of the social issue (Workshop on Women trafficking – March, 24,2023)

It is really an achievement towards a holistic harmonious approach of the institution when we find participation of students from all religions, race and cultural diversities in Independence Day Celebration (August, 12, 2022)

So, in a nutshell, we can proudly claim once again that our institution is a true example of harmony and tolerance and will remain so in near future.

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