As an undergraduate institution, Harimohan Ghose College was established in 1963 by the scions of the Ghose family of Fatehpur, with the help of the residents of the area to provide the fruits of higher education to those, who came from the less privileged backgrounds.

Principled on the motto “From Darkness To Light And More Light” the college endeavours to provide opportunities to those young men and women, who aspire to have a promising future but are unfortunately deprived of access to education. The college aims to inculcate the highest intellectual standards through rigorous academic commitment and discipline. The institution imparts holistic education inherent in the system.

Course Of Study
Arts [ BA] Science [BSC] Commerce [BCOM]
English, Bengali, Urdu, Polical Science, History, Education, Economics Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Physiology, Physical Education Commerce

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Why Choose Us

  • Emphasis on Women empowerment and provision of safe environment for students
  • Physical Education Department for holistic education including Sports activities
  • Well equipped Science Laboratories for practical understanding of textual knowledge
  • Library that has books for all the subjects offered in the course
  • A well-furnished gym for the benefit of the students
  • NSS participation fromGrassroot level to State Level Programmes
  • Advanced and Upgraded Computers in IT lab

Principal's Message

The Harimohan Ghose College was established in 1963, by the scions of the Ghose family of Fatehpur, Garden Reach with the help of the residents of the area to provide the fruits of Higher education to the students of the area who then were detached from proper Kolkata. So years passed by the College become a centre of higher learning for many who unfortunately came from less privileged background. The College with its motto from “Darkness to Light and More Light” has tried its best to fulfill the goals for which this College was setup. Now having completed so many years of service to the society, the College can claim to have a history yet a history which need not be quoted but understood by all well wishers and stake holders of the College.

As the Principal of the College, my request goes out to all Teachers, Non-Teaching Staff members, students and guardians that with dedication, discipline and determination, we can cross all hurdles and establish this College as a top-notch College amongst the College affiliated with University of Calcutta. To all students of this College including those who would start their journey to Higher education from this College may appeal is be punctual, be regulRead More