Harimohan Ghose

Harimohan Ghosh College, Science Department

The college provides to its students the following amenities and with cooperation of all concerned would like to provide more amenities in near future.

The College with the active help of the Students' Union has arrangement for various types of popular indoor and outdoor games. A teacher selected by the Teacher's Council of the college is in-charge of all sporting activities of the college. The annual sports of the college is held regularly and all students have to take part in it.

2. The college library is well stocked with books and journals of all relevant subjects. The College with the active inputs from the teachers, experts and students  regularly purchases books for the students to study and do reference work. The stock of books is ever increasing through purchases made out of funds provided by the UGC, Govt. of West Bengal, and the college. The library is spacious and provides perfect atmosphere for study and reference work. The library has internet connection and the facility is provided to the students at no extra cost.

3. The College has a state-of-art infrastructure. The college has its BSNL internet connection and regularly networks with other institutions of high repute.

4. The college is an institutional member of British Council Library and the teachers and the students can use the extensive facilities offered by this premier institution for their own academic gain.

5. The college has set up a 16 station multi-gym purchased out of funds provided to selected colleges in Bengal.

6. Each academic department of the college is encouraged to hold regular seminars and discussions which are addressed by the experts on particulars fields.

7. The college takes the initiative to send the students to certain national seminars organized by some reputed national bodies and Youth India initiative to give them an exposure to new thoughts and ideas.

8. The college pays host to various Govt. organisations and NGOs to organize various programmes to sensitise the students to their roles towards the Society.

9. Various reputed firms like WIPRO, INFOSYS and HFDC organize campus interview for the students in order to provide them with employment.

10. The NSS unit of the college has been made operative from this session, which hopes to hold medical camps and treat other social  problems in the locality.

11. A cheap canteen will be soon opened in the college which will provide wholesome food at a cheap rate.

12. A cheap store will also be opened shortly to provide the students their books and stationary at a concessional rate.

13. The college has a shaded stand for cycles and two-wheelers.

14. The Students' Union of the college regularly organize cultural festival and musical soirees in the open-air theatre at the college ground.

15. The Non-Teaching Staff association of the college with a noble sense of social obligation and responsibility has sponsored a book for meritorious and needy students. The applicants are given free books during the period of their study.

16. The students union of the college takes regular initiative to bring out the Annual College Magazine which has 3 sections in Bengali, Urdu and English. The students are asked to follow the notice board and submit their literary compositions for publication. Some of the departments of the college regularly publish their departmental wall magazines. Students are requested to participate actively in these activities.

17. The college prides itself on a cordial relationship among the students, the teachers and non teaching staff. The college authority is pledged to maintain this cordial relationship at all costs.

18. The administration of the college is transparent, unbiased, accessible, compassionate and uncompromising in respect of discipline. The college always is open to suggestions of improvement and constructive criticism by any one.

19. In order to encourage academic excellence among the students the College authority including the Teachers' Council offers a number of prizes for the students. These prizes are awarded at the Annual Cultural Function of the college.

20. The college is always dedicated towards academic excellence and strives to inculcate within all its student the values of rationality, humanism, scientific temper, tolerance and secularism.