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The Department of English at present is one of the leading departments of the college. The Honours course began in English after a thorough inspection by the authorized representatives of the University of Calcutta with a gentle condition that the Honours Department should achieve atleast 70% pass rate in the part I of B.A examination. The two full time teachers of the college took this as an opportunity to display how willing students could be taught and inspired to understand and analyse English language and literature in the true sense. Amazingly the Part I saw 96% pass rate with the students maintaining an average of 45% in the honours subject with few reaching the 55% marks. Similar results were witnessed a Part II and Part III examinations of the first batch.

This initial upsurge of success brought the English Department in the focus of the academic circle of Garden Reach and Metiabruz zone. And the applications for Honours continued to rise as years rolled by the Department acquired an unique brand name, and was the first Department of the college to organize seminar conducted by some of the leading lights of English teaching in india like Prof. Amlan Das Gupta, and Prof. Sukanta Choudhury. The students who passed out and went on to complete their post Graduation in English from different universities and some of then are now full-time college teachers themselves either in India or in The Middle East and in Canada.

This success story has continued down the years with close co operation between the teachers and students, where both the sides enjoy the healthy practice of learning and teaching. Using innovative methods born out of intense brainstorming amongst the faculty members. The student are continuously encouraged to be frank, curious , imaginative and logical in their approach to life.

To establish an intimate bonding between the teachers and the students, regular excusions , and study tips are held, where the students manage all the logistics of such outings themselves here by developing certain managerial qualities.

The students and the teachers share an extraordinary rapport. And the students feel free to share both their joys and sorrows with the teachers, and teachers always have time to listen to these and help them to deal with problems accordingly.

Workshops, presentations, exhibitions on various aspects of the English literature are regularly held and students acquire the much needed soft skills, that helps them in the life. Communication skills are taught diligently and therefore many of our students are efficiently employable in government and non government organizations.

As of today most of the students are tech savy and so they derive a passion for research in each of the topic taught in the classs. This provides the ignition point for study going beyond the boundaries of the syllabus. So a Department that is never complacent in the its achievements, no mountain is impossible to climb.

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