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The Department of Botany, within the precincts of the Science Building of this college, is well equipped to conduct the three-year B.Sc. Programme in Botany catering to students in the prescribed syllabi (General Course, CBCS and MDC under CCF), with two faculty members proficient and well versed to conduct the theoretical and practical workload. The Seminar Library of the department is well stocked with texts and references for the teachers and students. Apart from regular classes, excursions are arranged to supplement the theoretical knowledge. Departmental seminars are held to encourage students to demonstrate the knowledge acquired pertaining to the syllabi. In addition, audio visual classes are arranged regularly. The existing amicable atmosphere of teaching and learning in this department will elevate its eminence further in the near future.

1. Three-year B.Sc. Programme in Botany (General Course) under the Choice Based Credit System.

2. Three-year B.Sc. Programme in Botany (Multidisciplinary course) under the Curriculum and Credit Framework, 2022
Excursions, departmental seminars in addition to regular theoretical and practical classes